What's CBD
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What's CBD

CBD, one of the cannabinoids in the leaves and flowers of cannabis plant, has many pharmacological effects such as anti-spasm, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, sleep promoting, pain relief, etc., without dependence and addiction.

In 2017, the World Health Organization said there are no health risks or abuses in CBD. In Europe and the United States, CBD is widely used in alcohol, sweets, coffee, energy drinks, body moisturizers, toiletries, oral products and pet food.

Benefits of the
Atomizing CBD

CBD after atomizing can quickly enters the blood circulation, bypasses the liver and is directly absorbed by the body,
and the effect can be felt within one or two minutes. Compared with other methods, the body can absorb CBD about 40-60
minutes faster. Compared with other products, the atomization CBD has a better absorption effect with the bio-availability
of 34%~56%.

The Reasons of
Choosing gippro

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Excellent Craftsmanship

By using high-quality raw materials, and each step of the production process are carefully confirmed. GMP-standard’s medical-grade production lines, using super-critical fluid extraction (SFE), with high manufacturing standard, non-toxicity, zero THC, zero heavy metals, and zero pollution.

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Authoritative Third-party Certification

In order to provide better products and customer experience, gippro products are inspected by several third-party agencies, complying with international standards and being certified by CB, CE, RoHS, FCC. Only in this way, can our customers feel a lot safer.

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Quality Assurance and User Experience

The self-developed atomization mechanism design and strict quality control management system lower the oil leakage and offer users a more unique and interesting experience. While improving the concentration and efficacy of CBD products, we also pay great attention to the taste and preference of users, so that users can not only enjoy the dual joy of the body and the spirit brought by CBD, but also be more satisfied with pure taste.